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We recently had the pleasure of meeting the extremely talented Patti Blucher, a self-taught, intuitive and natural creator based on the stunning Kangaroo Island.

Patti has been a ‘maker’ of sorts her entire life and now brings her organic aesthetic and love of small treasures to By Blu with a series of collections showcasing a love of Australia's landscapes, rich in inspiration and creative thought.

A range of sterling silver jewellery cast from nature itself, recycled copper with silver embellishments, and all with a natural feel, carrying the marks of its maker, unique, unusual and handmade.

Unfortunately, most of Patti’s property near Vivonne Bay was affected by the recent KI fires & she exclusively stocked her hand made jewellery for sale at the Southern Ocean Lodge which was completely destroyed.

She has experienced extreme hardship since the fires & was forced to flee the area and live in her car with 3 kids and a dog. Emotions are still raw, people are exhausted and still very much in shock. Others are still out there repairing the damage, disposing of livestock & protecting what they have left.

Patti has recently opened an online store ‘By Blu’ to sell her beautiful creations. I would like to encourage you to view her unique pieces. Please think of Patti & 'By Blu' when making a gift purchase for that special someone & spread the word to family/friends.

Please view her beautiful creations here:

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